Off the Grid


The last two years have been a disruption to life greater than anyone could have imagined. As humans we all actively seek time “off the grid” and away from everyday life. However, when we are all forced off the grid it was more of a shock than anticipated.

I approached this new work from a more intuitive place. I relied on the marks in the papers, both ones I have made, and found papers, as well as other materials to inform the direction of the work while still revealing a sense place and memory rather than going in with the finished result in mind.


In my new works from the groupings Off the grid and tracking memories, I am working with my photographs of forgotten places and environments- a space where someone clearly has been but is no longer, the quiet solitude of a normally busy area, now devoid of people. This no longer feels of a stolen moment in time, of catching things right the moment a place was empty, these spaces now felt a little too empty, a little too unsettled. The pre and the post worlds we are all still trying to reconcile, the before and the after. I still strive to balancing being in control and surrendering to what is in this new “normal.”